My name is Stephen Oliver and I am a Conservative Party Candidate standing for Cambridge City Council in Newnham.  I am also on the approved list of parliamentary candidates with the Conservative Party.

I am married with two teenage boys and at the moment my wife and I live in Cambridge. My wife is Belgian and we met during the 15 years I lived and worked abroad early on in my career. I’ve worked most of my life in and around the software industry, especially working with smaller and newer companies helping them to start, grow and thrive.  In recent years I have also been active in the local community with service organisations like Rotary and as a charity trustee for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

I’ve taken the decision to enter politics because I think I bring skills and an approach that are in tune with the needs and wishes of voters today: I understand real world issues, in particular the needs of small business which is the lifeblood of our economy, and I appreciate the importance of the third sector as a provider of vital services that are not provided by the state and as a means of social engagement.  Above all I feel the need for fundamental change in the way that politics works and support David Cameron’s drive towards more open, relevant and transparent government.