Coleridge by-election

I haven’t been manning this blog for while due to conflicting pressures on my time, although I have been working hard on the new, re-invigorated Cambridge Conservative Association website (

I was on the streets again last weekend though to support Andy Bower, the Conservative candidate for Coleridge which has a by-election following the early retirement of Councillor Chris Howell.  It feels good to be there!

Andy is exactly the kind of candidate that local politics needs.  Not just the Conservatives – I mean any party.  Andy has been supporting the Coleridge constituency for years, as Chris Howell’s campaign manager and as a resident.  He has worked harder than any candidate I know over the last few years and really takes time to meet residents and understand their concerns.  It was interesting the number of Labour supporters I spoke to last weekend that said exactly that.  He is committed, visible, accessible and effective.  He’s the the kind of candidate that local politics should be all about.

Andy has a real chance of taking this by-election.  The Labour candidate, a student living on the other side of the city and already part way through a one year course, is a colourful choice but does not have the clear support of traditional Labour voters in the ward.  The Lib Dems are, frankly, invisible.  I wish Andy well.

There is an excellent article on the election on the Cambridge Conservatives web site ( that I urge any undecided voters in Coleridge to read.


About Stephen Oliver

I am a management consultant/non-executive director and charity trustee based in Switzerland.
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