Status quo in Newnham and Cambridge

Another long day at the Guidhall, waiting from 1pm to 5pm for the results of the local elections to be published. Maybe we could have saved ourselves the trouble!

Overall the composition of the city council chamber remains largely unchanged, with one additional Green Party councillor (allowing the Greens to have a “group”) and one additional Lib Dem councillor at the cost of the Labour Party.

The Conservatives have made no gains at all in terms of seats – so we remain the only party without a “group”, despite holding 22.0% of the vote (a drop of 4.6% on 2008). We have moved up the ranking in many wards, however, finishing second in seven of the contested seats, but have fallen back to third place in terms of share of vote.

Labour has lost roughly 1.5% of their share of vote since 2008 to 22.5% and the Greens now have 16.3% of the vote share – a fantastic result for them, up nearly 4% on 2008, and this testimony to the power of their campaign throughout the election.

Full results can be seen on the Cambridge City Council website on

As far as Newnham is concerned, I was expecting to finish in second place but hoped to make a bigger dent in the Lib Dem vote. This was not to be, though I have managed to maintain second place with a respectable 24% of the vote and have managed to avoid dilution of the Conservative vote by the larger than expected student vote.  Both the Green and Labour candidates were able to increase their vote share at the expense of the Lib Dem candidate, but only a little.

Newnham 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Conservative 475 489 427 994
Green 321 300 238 642
Labour 336 246 200 648
Lib Dem 974 842 870 1862
Total 2106 1877 1735 4146
Conservative 22.6% 26.1% 24.6% 24.0%
Green 15.2% 16.0% 13.7% 15.5%
Labour 16.0% 13.1% 11.5% 15.6%
Lib Dem 46.2% 44.9% 50.1% 44.9%

I therefore have to concede graciously to Councillor Rod Cantrill on this occasion.

I thank all my supporters and I am humbled to have been chosen by so many residents of Newnham as their preferred councillor. Please be assured that the knowledge and friendships that I have built up over the course of this campaign will not be forgotten and I do intend to stand again at the next local elections!


About Stephen Oliver

I am a management consultant/non-executive director and charity trustee based in Switzerland.
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