Election campaign funding

Below is a copy of a letter I have sent to the Cambridge News in response to an article in their Tuesday edition about South Cambridgeshire Conservative Association contacting their supporters to raise £20,000 for the election.

Dear Sirs,

I read your article in Cambridge News on Tuesday 9th March about South Cambridgeshire Conservatives and their fund raising (“Tories call for £20,000 to help Lansley defend seat”).  From this I understand that, less than two months before General and Local Elections, a political party is writing to its supporters asking for funds.

So what?  All the parties are raising funds and preparing for an election; why is this newsworthy?

Those wishing to support the campaign to give Cambridge effective representation in Westminster by electing Nick Hillman as MP for Cambridge City, and to overcome the democratic deficit by increasing the number of Conservative councillors on Cambridge City Council, can get in touch via the association secretary denise@sccf.org.uk or could make a donation by going to the parliamentary candidate’s website http://nickhillman.co.uk and clicking on the PayPal icon.


About Stephen Oliver

I am a management consultant/non-executive director and charity trustee based in Switzerland.
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One Response to Election campaign funding

  1. The letter was published in Cambridge News on Wednesday 17th March.

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