More campaigning in Romsey

A cold but sunny morning yesterday as 8 of us continued distributing leaflets in Romsey in support of Nick Hillman‘s campaign for Westminster.

Romsey is a difficult seat for the Conservatives, having gained only 12% of the vote at the last local election.  It is generally regarded as a “safe” Lib Dem ward, although this may only be due to Respect/Left List candidates splitting the Labour vote. Mill Road is characterised by owner-run retail businesses, however, and there are numerous small businesses in back streets and yards that need a better deal in terms of rates and support for the economy.

This plays to the overriding priorities for the Conservatives at the upcoming election, announced in Brighton last weekend and reinforced at the Conservative Councillors’ Association Conference I attended on Saturday: Goal number 1 is to fix the broken economy and get Britain back to work. Everything else at the moment is secondary and dependent on that aim.

Having put the finishing touches to Nick’s new website this morning, this week I will be attending two city council committee meetings and getting to know conservative members in the community to prepare for the local and general election campaigns. Some busy weeks ahead!


About Stephen Oliver

I am a management consultant/non-executive director and charity trustee based in Switzerland.
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