Welcome to my Blog

This is my first blog entry on my new political campaigning site – stephenoliver.me.

I joined the Conservative Party earlier this year, stirred into action by David Cameron’s interview with Andrew Marr and his “call to action” for people, like me, who were disillusioned with the political establishment but nonetheless see participation in the political process as an important aspect of public service.

I joined the Party in June and started the process of applying to be an Approved Parliamentary Candidate.  I went through the Parliamentary Assessment Board (a selection process) in Cambridge in November and was invited onto the Approved List early in December.  I am currently seeking selection as a Parliamentary Candidate and have started to make applications to constituencies in the vicinity.

My reasons for seeking a Parliamentary career are rooted in my desire to make Parliament more accountable and relevant to the needs of ordinary men and women.  I don’t have any direct political campaigning experience but I do bring substantial experience in business, both here and abroad, together with knowledge of the charity sector and a commitment to service to the local community through Rotary.

I endorse the Conservative vision of "One Nation, One World" and a society where opportunity is available to everyone, regardless of race, age, class, sex or creed.  I believe that having opportunity also brings with it certain duties and obligations.  We need to encourage people to take personal responsibility and to have respect for the needs and views of others.  These are values that I have always held true, which underpin the moral framework I learnt from my parents and which resonate with both my Christian beliefs and the Objects of Rotary.

I will endeavour to add to this blog on a regular basis and to turn it into a central plank of my selection campaign.


About Stephen Oliver

I am a management consultant/non-executive director and charity trustee based in Switzerland.
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